Make your websites dynamic and interactive with JavaScript! You'll create features and stand-alone applications. This module includes projects where you will learn how to manipulate the DOM, use object-oriented programming principles, and build single page applications with React.


Welcome to the JavaScript course! Start here!

JavaScript in the Real World

Let's look at a few more practical applications of JavaScript and learn about a few useful tools that are widely used in the industry.

Asynchronous JavaScript and APIs

This section explores asynchronous JavaScript and event loops, and how it's useful in fetching data from web servers using APIs.

A Bit of Computer Science

In this section, you'll learn some fundamental computer science concepts that will help you when solving problems with a bit more complexity than just simple web serving. You get to try on your engineering hat and solve some pretty nifty problems.

Testing JavaScript

Test driven development is an important skill in today's dev world. This section digs into the details of writing automated JavaScript tests.

Intermediate Git

You should be familiar with the basic Git workflow since you've been using it to save your projects along the way (right?!). This section will start preparing you for the more intermediate-level uses of Git that you'll find yourself doing.

JavaScript and the Backend

A real web app needs a back end in order to persist its data and do sensitive operations. Here you'll learn how to outsource your backend to a Backend-as-a-Service company like Firebase.

Finishing Up with JavaScript

You've learned everything you need and all that remains to do is apply that knowledge to a worthy task. In this section you will be working on your capstone project so you can show off your range of skills.