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Meet The Team

The Odin project is run by a group of dedicated volunteers from around the world.


The Core team are long-serving members who have made significant contributions to The Odin Project. They serve as the leadership, responsible for shaping and guiding the direction of the platform.


Maintainers oversee our GitHub repositories. They work tirelessly to triage issues, merge pull requests, and manage projects aimed at making The Odin Project a better experience for our learners.


Our team of moderators diligently maintains a welcoming, safe, and productive environment for all members within The Odin Project's Discord community.


We extend our gratitude to all our former team members. Their dedication and contributions have played an invaluable role in the development of The Odin Project.

To all our contributors ❤️

We've had thousands of contributors outside of the official teams. To them, we extend a special thanks. Each and every contribution has played an important role in improving The Odin Project for the benefit of all learners.

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