The end of the JavaScript course!

Completing the JavaScript course is a major milestone! Congratulations!

At this point, you can create phenomenal and dynamic frontends. These will integrate with the back-ends The Odin Project teaches, Ruby on Rails or Node JS, plus any back-end technologies under the right circumstances! After all, you’ve spent time working with APIs from the front-end already!

However, there is still more to go. If you’re following the Ruby on Rails path, there is one more section, Getting Hired, with excellent content on finding a developer job. As you continue forward, keep an attitude of learning through building great software and always exploring more on your own. It will carry you far.

If you’re following the JavaScript path, you’ll complete:

  • An Advanced HTML and CSS section
  • A NodeJS section where you’ll learn to build a back-end
  • And finally, the Getting Hired section

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Additional Resources

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