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How This Course Will Work

React Course


Hello there, and welcome to The Odin Project’s React course. In this course, we’ll start by learning about the basics of React and then move on to more advanced concepts. We’ll be building projects along the way that you can add to your portfolio to impress recruiters with your React skills.

Make sure you’ve completed our JavaScript course before starting this one. We can’t emphasize enough how important it is to have a solid understanding of JavaScript before diving into React. At the end of the day, React is vanilla JavaScript, so being able to navigate JavaScript is paramount to building a successful React project.

The journey ahead

All the lessons follow a similar structure that you’ll be accustomed to from prior courses: lesson content followed by assignments. We’ve also incorporated interactive examples via CodeSandbox to demonstrate the concepts you’ll learn in those lessons.

As always, we’ll preface this by saying that learning a new technology can be a frustrating endeavor, but we’re confident you can persevere. There might be times when you think to yourself, “I can do this with vanilla JavaScript, why am I even learning React?” and that’s fine. As you work through the lessons, you’ll soon realize how convenient React can be in front-end development. Remember the dreaded Todo List project from the JavaScript course? In React, it would typically take less time to build the core functionality. That should get you excited. By the end of the course, you’ll be a React Guru!

Now then,

Let’s start Reactin’

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