Ruby Course

You did it!

Ruby is conquered. You’re now a ninja…. okay, that’s a bit hyperbolic but the fact is that you now know more than enough Ruby to take on Rails like a Boss. And, actually, the real secret is that the hard part is over. Getting to this point is the most difficult part of the learning curve.

Sure, you’ve still got plenty to learn, but the real conceptual leaps have already been made. You can think like a programmer now and should be able to figure out how to appropriately Google for pretty much anything you don’t already know.

If you know Ruby, the world is sort of opened up for you. Want to learn Python? That would be a whole lot easier now. Nervous about Rails? Don’t be. Rails is just Ruby that’s been packaged up to do lots of stuff for you. With what you know, you’ll have a much easier time “seeing the matrix” and understanding what Rails is up to. Even JavaScript should make a whole lot more sense to you once we get back to it.

Before you move on, we would like your feedback here. Getting user (you) feedback is important so we can continue to improve the curriculum and get an idea of your experience. So that’s it, you’re more than ready to go ahead and take on Rails. Congratulations!!!

Additional resources

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