Express 104: View Templates

NodeJS Course


This lesson is fun! You’ll be setting up several views, and you’ll start to see your Application come together. We’ll finally get to see our data showing up in the browser! This is a long lesson that is broken up into several sub-lessons, so make sure you click through to see them all.

Lesson overview

This section contains a general overview of topics that you will learn in this lesson.

  • Describe asynchronous functions.
  • Manage asynchronous operations in controller functions.
  • Manage flow control when using asynchronous operations.
  • Create and extend templates.
  • Write templates using Pug.
  • Pass information to a template from your view.
  • Implement read-only pages.
  • Describe how routes work.
  • Describe how views and models work in practice.
  • Query database using models.
  • Describe date handling using luxon.


  1. Complete part 5 of the MDN Express tutorial.

Additional resources

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