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Ruby Programming

In this course you will learn Ruby, the language designed specifically with programmer happiness in mind. By the end of it all, you'll have built some pretty sweet projects including Tic Tac Toe, Hangman, a real web server, and even Chess. You'll be able to put save and open files, test out your code, separate your spaghetti code into nice modular classes, and even reproduce some basic algorithms and data structures for solving complex problems. Basically, you're going to start feeling a whole lot more like a real programmer and that feeling will be justified.

Testing Ruby with RSpec

You've been briefly introduced to testing in Ruby a couple of times before in the Web Development 101 course, but now you're going to really learn why testing can be hugely helpful and how to apply it to your own projects.


You should be familiar with the basic Git workflow since you've been using it to save your projects along the way (right?!). This section will start preparing you for for the more intermediate-level uses of Git that you'll find yourself doing .


You've come an exceptional distance already, now there's just the matter of wrapping it all together into one coherant package and creating something real. This is your Final Exam and a major feather in your cap. Once you've completed this section, you should have the confidence to tackle pretty much anything.