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Ruby on Rails

In this course, you'll be doing a whole lot of building, each project a bit more advanced than the previous one. You'll build about a dozen Rails projects from scratch, including one full-featured tutorial that we'll be following along with as we go and a full scale web application of your own. More importantly, you'll learn how to deconstruct a website into its underlying data architecture and then build an application around that. By the end of it all, you'll have the confidence to put up a simple website in under an hour.

The Track ahead

In this section, have a look at the track ahead in this course.


In this section we will look at sinatra, a light weight Ruby web framework. Learning Sinatra before tackling rails will reduce the learning curve in this course significantly as sinatra will expose most of the things that rails does under the hood for you. This should give you a better understanding about how everything works with Rails.