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Javascript and jQuery

Javascript is taking over the world right now -- web applications are becoming more and more front-weighted. While it used to be mostly a tool for animating drop down menus and validating form inputs, Javascript (with help from jQuery's magic) has grown into a way to produce full featured front end applications including single-page web apps.

Advanced Browser Work

There's a whole lot more to using Javascript in the browser than just manipulating simple DOM elements with jQuery. If you want to grab data from external sites or your own back end, submit forms, or handle more complicated games, you'll need to dig deeper into how Javascript handles things like callbacks. Here we'll also cover how to build games using HTML5's `<canvas>` element, which lets you use Javascript logic to draw shapes.

Finishing Up with Javascript

You've learned everything you need and all that remains to do is apply that knowledge to a worthy task. In this section, we'll briefly cover how to test Javascript using Jasmine and then get you started with your capstone project so you can show off your range of skills.