Ordered and Unordered Lists


Ordered and unordered lists are heavily used in most websites. It’s not just for bullet-points and numbers… they are also used in creating horizontal navbars and long collections of objects (like a list of pictures of items for sale). They often take the place of tables as the method of choice for displaying structured content.

Learning Outcomes

  • What is the basic list syntax?
  • How do you nest lists inside each other?


  1. Read Shay Howe on Lists (including CSS)
  2. Browse HTMLGoodies’ rapid fire guide to different list types
  3. Glance over the HTML docs on lists… you’ll probably see them again when you’re Googling for a problem!

Additional Resources

This section contains helpful links to other content. It isn’t required, so consider it supplemental for if you need to dive deeper into something

  • Add Some!

HTML5 and CSS3

Ordered and Unordered Lists

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